British Craft Chocolate Competition, 2024

British Craft Chocolate Competition, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom
Closing date: 22 May 2024
Judging dates: 24 May 2024 – 27 May 2024

Our very first competition entirely devoted to British craft chocolate makers working from bean-to-bar and to chocolatiers using origin traceable chocolate. The competition celebrates the new wave of British chocolate artisans who respect the flavour, origin and sourcing of the cacao in their chocolate. The competition includes all categories of products from plain and flavoured bars to filled chocolates and ganaches, plus craft cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

The “British Craft Chocolate” awards celebrates the new wave of British chocolate, respecting the ‘bean’ – the flavour, origin and sourcing of the cacao used for the chocolate.  Winners will go directly to the International Chocolate Awards 2024 World Final.

Origin Traceability

We are committed to supporting economically, socially and environmentally sustainable cacao farming where farmers are paid a reasonable price that reflects the work that goes into growing fine cacao. We also believe that the chocolate with the best flavor profiles comes from directly sourced fine cacao.

From 2023 onwards, we will ask every entrant for the origin of cacao used for the dark and milk chocolate in their entries, including chocolatiers. These details are given confidentially when entering. White chocolate and cocoa butter are currently excluded from these rules.

By ‘origin’ we mean a known region, area, district, or farm recognised as a source of fine cacao. We will also limit the number of sources that can be used for an origin to no more than three different cooperatives, commercial farmers, post-harvest centres, individual farmers, research stations or other single sources. Blends are acceptable if they use no more than three different named origins.

We won’t accept origins defined only as the name of the cacao growing country, except for smaller cacao countries producing less than 4000 tonnes of cacao per year.

These rules apply to all chocolate used in filled chocolate and spreads, including commercial couverture. Details of the origin must be obtained from the chocolate maker or supplier if you are not the chocolate maker.

If you do not make your own chocolate, you will also need to supply a 50g sample of the chocolate you are using for your products, in case there is a Grand Jury query about the origin.

We believe that these rules will help to promote the spirit and ideal of craft chocolate and to help the development of good chocolate and cacao.

In-Person judging for all products

Judging for this competition will be in-person. Entries will be repacked as blinded samples and judged by our panel of judges and members of our international Grand Jury. Reference sets of each submission will be held at the receiving venue in case of any issue with the samples sent to judges and products will be blinded as usual.

Winners of this competition will pass through to the World Final, which will be held in October – November 2024.


This competition is open to all companies with their main base or head office in the United Kingdom for all filled chocolates, covered nuts and fruits and spreads made from bean-to-bar and couverture chocolate and for flavoured bars made from couverture, where the entrant is not the chocolate maker. This competition also judges plain/origin and flavoured bars made with the entrants own bean-to-bar chocolate.

The admission fee for this competition is GBP £50 and the fee for each entry is GBP £55. Prices will be converted into local currency by your credit card company, if required.

How to enter

Please log in or register to enter a competition.

Please read the Rules of the Awards before entering.


Address for samples

International Chocolate Awards
c/o Jose Toro
Ship Street


To ensure your samples are in the best condition for the competition, please do not send for delivery before the samples opening date. For fresh products such as ganaches, you are advised to send in the last week before the closing date.

  • Open to receive samples:
    – 9 May 2024
  • Last day to receive samples:
    – 22 May 2024
  • Registration closing date:
    – 22 May 2024

Sample quantities

To ensure that we have enough products go through our Selection, Main and Grand Jury judging rounds, please send the following quantities of EACH product you enter:

  • Bars: 400g total weight
  • Filled/bonbons etc: 40 pieces
  • Spreads: 300g
  • Hot chocolate: